Jan 27, 2022 • 11M

S03 E06 - Wayfarers 360° Experience: A reading and an offer from Intralingo

Next session begins April 9/22!

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Lisa Carter
We bring world literature into your life, through interviews with authors & translators and readings from books we love.
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Season 03 Episode 06 of the Intralingo World Lit Podcast 

I’m here today with a little something different: a short reading from the novel The Island of Missing Trees, by Elif Shafak, and an offer. 


Wayfarers 360° Experience

The Wayfarers 360° Experience is a whole body, whole-hearted exploration, through the pages of a book. Over six weeks, we’ll read a novel together, at a
leisurely pace, savoring it from the outside in and looking at it from our inside out. At the end of each week, we’ll meet live, online to delve deep and share.

Week 1, we’ll set our intention and consider how we might read more mindfully. On each of weeks 2 through 5, we’ll move through the book on our own, at the same pace, reading
just a few chapters at a time. Then, when we gather, we might explore the setting through body and senses, delve into our heart reactions to the story and characters, or examine themes and topics with our minds. Finally, in Week 6, we’ll reflect on all we’ve discovered.

Our experience unfolds in a welcoming, expansive, deeply held space. It’s a place where you can be fully you, expressed and appreciated. Together, in our small group, we’ll open ourselves up and deepen our connection to “the other” in books and one another in reality.

See details for the upcoming session here: https://intralingo.com/wayfarers-360-experience

Lisa Carter is Founder and Creative Director of Intralingo, helping authors and translators write and readers explore stories. Lisa brings two decades of professional literary experience, including nine published books and multiple other pieces, and nearly as many years of contemplative and compassion practices to her work. Her inclusive, engaged, caring presence inspires others to share their stories and feel truly heard.

The Island of Missing Trees, by Elif Shafak