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USA - Interview with memoirist Hope Mueller

USA - Interview with memoirist Hope Mueller

Hope Mueller has written an inspirational memoir about her early life in the United States, life lived in a commune – something most of us know little about or tend to misconstrue.

The passage Hope reads takes us right into her world on a cold school day morning, as she bakes a tray of donuts for breakfast, careful not to step on the scalding heating grate, while her mom smokes (and it’s not a cigarette).
Throughout, Hope portrays not only the difficulties of a precarious existence, but the resilience she acquired thanks to a solid foundation of unconditional love and encouragement. This is what Hope most wants us to take away from her book: that we too can overcome and do anything.

This memoir has resonated with hundreds of readers, and Hope loves to hear from every single one of them, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her.

Hope Mueller is an author, inspirational speaker, busy executive and active non-for-profit volunteer.  A results-driven leader and change agent, Hope’s passionate about career development, youth STEM promotion, and local community service, among others. With her early years marked by the experiences on a hippie commune, Hope’s unique childhood shaped her approach and interaction with the world, with a gift of creating order out of chaos and turning vision into reality. She lives with her husband in northern Illinois and actively parents her four daughters through the phases of their lives.


-Lisa Carter, Founder & Creative Director, Intralingo Inc.

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