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SAUDI ARABIA - Interview with translator Timothy Gregory

SAUDI ARABIA - Interview with translator Timothy Gregory

We’ve got a double feature for you on the speculative fiction novel Warriors & Warlocks: Outcast, with interviews from both Timothy Gregory, translator from the Arabic, and Saudi author Monther Alkabbani.

In my interview with Tim he says: "I like to grab a book every once in a while that's outside my norm and just try it, see what happens."

That's exactly what I did with this novel and it was an excellent decision! Reading Outcast completely shook preconceived notions of what I would or wouldn't like based on what I normally read. Do check out this wonderful book!

And if that’s not enough encouragement, maybe the cliffhanger Tim leaves us with in his reading will entice you even more:

It was a bare femtosecond (one thousand trillionth of a second) before [Murad] slammed into the pavement when everything puffed to smoke – as though nothing were real. From the void, he heard a familiar voice whisper, “Nothing will be that has not already been, nothing will end that has not already ended.” 


Tim Gregory was born in Seattle, WA; joining the US Marines after high school, he found himself at a military language school in California studying Arabic. Loving the language, he never looked back. After more than 15 years as an in-house and freelance translator, he decided to merge his love of Arabic with his love of SF (whether you call that science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, speculative fiction or all of the above) and pursue translation of Arabic works in that genre. He earned an MA in Translation and Interpretation focused on literary translation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018.

Warriors & Warlocks: Outcast can be purchased online or from your local bookstore!

-Lisa Carter, Founder & Creative Director, Intralingo Inc.

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