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About me

I’m Lisa Carter, Founder and Creative Director of Intralingo, where I help authors and translators write and readers explore stories. I bring two decades of professional literary experience, including nine published books and multiple other pieces, and nearly as many years of contemplative and compassion practices to my work.

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Afternoon Delights - Free, monthly online gatherings, because we could all do with a little more delight in our lives. We’ll contemplate a theme, connect with one another and get creative with words. (Next session: Sat Apr 23 at 1 pm ET. Zoom link to attend will be sent here a day or two in advance.)

Wayfarers Book Club - An opportunity to travel around the world through the pages of a book; pay what you choose, starting at $10 per month.

Wayfarers 360° Experience - An intimate, leisurely-paced, six-week group experience to a explore a novel through body, heart and mind, with curiosity and contemplation. (Next session begins April 9th.)

Book Coaching & Editing – Need help along your writing journey? I’d be overjoyed to help.

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Lisa Carter
Lisa Carter helps authors write & readers explore stories from around the world. The intersection between books & lived experience is where the real magic resides.